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Crisis Management For Your Eyes

The team at Claresholm Eye Care is always here to help with any eye emergency. Whether it’s a sudden accident, a sports injury, or a spontaneous irritation, even a seemingly insignificant eye injury could compromise both your eye health and your vision.

If you experience an eye emergency, contact Claresholm Eye Care at (403) 625-4471. If our office is closed, please proceed to the nearest emergency room.

When in doubt, err on the side of caution.

Claresholm Eye Care is right around the corner. There are many advantages of living and working in a small town: one of which is that we are close, convenient, and ready to help with all of your eye emergencies and health needs.

Eye Emergency Symptoms to Look For

You should seek immediate medical care if you experience:

  • Sudden loss of vision
  • Bleeding from your eye
  • A sudden shower of floaters, particularly if they are accompanied by flashes of light
  • Itching, burning, or irritation
  • Extreme allergic reaction
  • Chemical contact with your eye
  • Foreign object in your eye

Protective Eyewear

Many eye-related emergencies are preventable. To help you safeguard your eye health and vision, Claresholm Eye Care carries a wide selection of sports and protective eyewear.

Could your eyes benefit from specialized sports or safety glasses? Book an appointment now to discuss your options.

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Our office in Claresholm has been serving the Southern Alberta region for over twenty years. We are located next to Rooster Tails and Prairie Home Decor & Framing.

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